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The Initiative
“Instinct of Creativity” is a strategic initiative focusing around development of “Creative Thinking” as a concept, methodology, and an efficient selection of practical creativity tools.

Research in Psychology
In connection with this initiative, we engage in psychology research, in collaboration with C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich

Mobile Games
“Micy Carpets” is a logical puzzle game available for Android (here) and IOS (here)

3D Puzzles
Puzzler Store” offers a selection of 3D metal cast puzzles made by Hanayama

Creativity Workshops
Mouseclick Technology offers series of workshops in “Creative Thinking”. If you want to learn more, please download workshop brief (here) and interest form (here)

Upcoming Events
One-pager for upcoming talks on “Creative Thinking” can be downloaded (here)

If you have any questions or queries regarding ‘Creative Thinking’, please contact us by email: